Update: Early Bird Challenger tickets sold out - only 79 full-price Challenger tickets remaining!!
Challenger blog

Early bird Challenger tix are sold out, regular price Challenger tix are available!!

September 16

Welp, we're totally sold out of the early bird Challenger tickets, whew!

We've still got a few standard early bird tickets remaining, as well as full-price Challenger tickets on the Summoners Con Tickets page.

Mean tweets blog

Mean Tweets and More Guests!

September 10

People can be jerks! Check out these Summoners Con special guests Spazie, Doublelift and more reading some of the really mean tweets and comments that "fans" sent them. Maybe send them a nice tweet or give them a hug at Summoners to cheer them up :)

We've added a ton of special guests to our lineup, including cosplayers like Johnny & Junkers and Okageo, musicians Nicki Taylor and Lunityy, Gleeb and more!

Summoners cafe c9

Summoners Cafe will be at Summoners Con!

August 26

We have teamed up with Elaine Wu to bring Summoners Cafe, a League of Legends themed maid cafe, to our convention!

Spazie announced

Summoners Con Host Spazie Announced!

August 4

Summoners Con officially has an emcee! Spazie will be hosting the main stage at the first annual Summoners Con this November in LA!