Annual League of Legends Fan Convention
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Sheraton ontario airport

Sheraton Ontario Airport Overflow Hotel & Shuttle

October 28

Our friends at the Sheraton Ontario Airport are honoring the same rate at our SOLD OUT host hotel, the Sheraton Fairplex.

Book your room for Summoners Con 2015 now and take advantage of the free hotel shuttle between the two hotels!

Csl regional summoners 1500

Register now for the CSL West Coast Regional!

September 7

Last year you asked for a tournament, this year we're bringing it to you! The CSL West Coast Regional Finals will be happening live at Summoners Con 2015!

All universities within 500 driving miles are eligible to enter, see details and application instructions over at CSL!

Flying to Los Angeles for #Summoners2015 on a budget

June 3

It's June 3rd - #Summoners2015 is less than 6 months away! If you aren't located in SoCal that means now is the perfect time to book your flight.

Through tomorrow, June 4th, Southwest Airlines has a crazy cheap flight deal going on. Some round trips to Los Angeles are under $100!! Check to see if your local airport is part of the promotion here!

The deals vary from $49 each way and up, and Southwest flies to LAX and Ontario International Airport, which is 20 minutes from the Sheraton Fairplex where we are holding #Summoners2015.

Here are a few of the deals we noticed:
- ONT for $99 roundtrip from Las Vegas, Oakland, Phoenix, Sacramento and San Jose
- ONT for $199 roundtrip from Denver
- ONT for $259 roundtrip from Chicago

If your city isn't that list try flying into LAX:
- LAX for $99 roundtrip from the same cities as ONT, plus Tucson
- LAX for $199 roundtrip from Denver, Albuquerque, El Paso, Portland, Salt Lake City
- LAX for $258 roundtrip from Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, San Antonio and St Louis
- LAX for $299 roundtrip from Atlanta, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Nashville and New Orleans

If you are thinking of booking but aren't quite sure, this is a good time to do it. Every flight you book with Southwest can be cancelled for a full credit up to 10 minutes before the flight leaves with no fees. They don't offer a full blown cash refund on most of their tickets, but they give you a full credit to use on another flight in the future so it's super flexible.

Note: Southwest is *not* a sponsor of Summoners 2015 - we just keep our eyes open for good travel deals for our attendees and Jorge from CollegiateLoL pointed this special sale out to us so we thought we'd share!

Major Parking Announcement

May 23

If you missed the first annual Summoners Con you might not know just how fun it was - you've got to check out the Summoners Con 2014 recap video.

Feedback on our first event was incredible! But there is one thing we had more complaints about than anything else - parking! Parking ended up being more expensive than we anticipated for people not staying at the host hotel, which is our fault. However, this year parking at the convention center will be TOTALLY FREE! That's right, even locals who are not staying at the Sheraton will get free parking!

See you there, summoners!

P.S. We've already announced a handful of special guests and we've got a ton more to announce in the coming weeks!

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