Update: Summoners Cafe will be at Summoners Con!

Summoners Con 2014
Annual League of Legends fan convention

Summoners Con is an annual convention that brings together the community and pro players for the ultimate League of Legends experience.

November 1, 2014
Marriott Burbank Airport
Los Angeles, CA

Early bird tickets
$59 $49
  • Meet LoL players from all over
  • Live music performances
  • Meet professional players

  • League cosplay

  • Artist alley

  • Expo hall

Summoners Con is an annual convention that brings together the community and pro players for the ultimate League of Legends experience.

Summoners Cafe will be at Summoners Con!

August 26

We have teamed up with Elaine Wu to bring Summoners Cafe, a League of Legends themed maid cafe, to our convention!

Summoners Con Host Spazie Announced!

August 4

Summoners Con officially has an emcee! Spazie will be hosting the main stage at the first annual Summoners Con this November in LA!

Guide to Buying Summoners Con Tickets

June 3

We're deep into preparations with just 150 days left until the first annual Summoners Con!

You may have noticed that we've got two different Summoners Con tickets available right now and both are marked *Early Bird* - if you are wondering what that's all about then I can help!

*Early Bird* - Tickets marked with this are discounted as a reward to attendees who buy their tickets early. It's a great way to save money on event passes!

Standard Ticket - This is the basic ticket that most attendees purchase. You can access the expo hall, community art showcases, main stage including discussions and performances and meetups with pro players with this ticket.

Challenger Ticket - In addition to coming with everything that the Standard Ticket comes with you'll have access to hear from the pros and learn about your lane in exclusive sessions about each role. The Challenger Ticket costs $20.00 more than the Standard.

There you go - everything you need to know about buying tickets for Summoners Con!

Cloud9 will be at Summoners Con!

April 8

If you were hanging out in our /r/LeageofLegends AMA then you may have noticed that we announced that Cloud9 is officially confirmed for Summoners Con 2014!

Hope to see you there!

Team Dignitas & Counter Logic Gaming confirmed for Summoners Con 2014!

April 6

Yesterday we announced that Team Dignitas is confirmed for Summoners Con 2014 via mailing list. Today we are making it public and we are also excited to tell you that Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) will also be at Summoners!

Keep checking here and @SummonersCon for updates on special guests and the rest of the event as we get ready for Summoners!

Team Curse will be at Summoners Con 2014!

April 4

We've just updated the Summoners Con Special Guests page with Team Curse! Make sure to join our mailing list to keep up with the latest news and if you haven't bought your tickets yet check out the standard and Challenger tickets!

Announcing Summoners Con!

April 3

We're excited to finally be able to announce and tell you about a project that has been top secret for the last 6 months: Summoners Con, the ultimate League of Legends experience.

The quick details:
• What is it? Convention focused on League of Legends, expo hall, performances, meetups with the pros and more
• When / where? It's happening on November 1st, 2014, from 10:00 AM to Midnight, at the Marriott Burbank Airport in the Los Angeles area, which is a super nice hotel with lots of space for a convention. Yes, we have a group rate :)
• Who should go? Anyone who plays LoL or is a fan of the game is invited!
• Who's putting it on? Cat Valdes & Kevin Khandjian
• When are tickets available and how much are they? Right now, and Early Bird tickets are only $49!
• What if I have other questions? Check out our FAQs or contact us

What initially drew us into League was the game's strong community and its huge impact on eSports, so we're creating an environment where the community can come together for a full blown convention experience.

We noticed that there is a lack of any event focusing around the community, all of the gaming events that include League are general gaming events or just focused on eSports.

This event is about the community, so we need community input on who and what should happen at the first ever Summoners Con. Hit us up via email or @SummonersCon and subscribe to the mailing list for updates!